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Do Octane Jak Boosters Work?

Bottled Octane Jak Boosters can most definitely raise the octane of petrol. To what extent they raise the octane varies from product to product as can be seen in the octane booster shootout. High quality

Octane Jak Boosters can deliver the octane numbers they claim, however there are also a lot of these products on the market which don't deliver anywhere near their claims. A lot of products also advertise their octane gain in points, which are often 0.1RON, so where you think you're getting a

3.0RON increase you're only getting 0.3RON

Whether simply raising the octane of the fuel in your tank is going to give you more power comes down to a lot of variables. To take 2 extremes; if you have an old carburetted 1300cc engine, chances are you will feel little to no difference. However running higher octane fuel in a modern turbo charged car with an adaptive ECU will yield substantial improvements in performance and fuel consumption, especially for cars designed to run on 98+ octane fuel.

This isn't all bad news if you don't have a modern car. Tuning a car on a dyno with higher octane fuel will yield better performance by allowing you to run more aggressive timing and higher boost on turbocharged vehicles.

What you put into your vehicle, will dictate what happens on the inside. The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating.

Jak Boosters In some instances, using an octane booster is necessary to make the internal combustion process flow smoothly. Whether you are using an octane booster for racing purposes, or simply to boost up your current vehicle ratings to help eliminate some internal carbon build-up.

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