Radiator Cleaner

Radiator cleaner removes the dirt, grease, scale, grime & solder from the engine cooling system. Radiator cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent not only for the automobile engine but can be used for the steam tube and boiler tube etc. Radiator cleaner not only clean the clogs of the system but also keep the system in order to run for a longer period. Radiator cleaner clean the system fast easy and safely without harming any part of the cooling system.

Specification :
Appearance : Blue Colour Liquid
Specific Gravity : > 1.0
PH : 1.0 to 2.0

The Radiator cleaner remove the rust deposits from the neglected part of the cooling systems as the rust deposit can erode the cooling system and efficiency can be reduced drastically to restrict the cooling flow and may reduced heat transfer which can lead to possible over heating of the system and brake down that can it occur. Thus costly repair has to be done. Radiator cleaner is designed in such a way not only clean radiator but also from the engine blocks and head to operate more efficiently.

Direction :
Add complete content (250 ml) bottle to radiator & run engine 10 to 30 minutes to ensure the through cleaning. Flush the cooling system with water until runs clear. Drain the system and add proper amount of coolant.

Type :
1) Acidic Radiator Cleaner: For Heavy scales and dirt (PH : 1.0 to 3.0)
2) Basic Radiator Cleaner (Conditioner): For Light scale and dirt (PH : 9.0 to 12.0)
3) Special Type of Radiator Cleaner in powder form

Scale Remover Magic(Rediator)

Scale Remover Magic(Rediator)

Scale Remover is a very unique multipurpose products which removes Lime Scale, Hard water stains, soap scums, grime, dirt on Glasses, Ceramic, Porcelain, Mirrors, Taps, Tiles, Sinks. To be sprayed / applied on the surface as it is and to be wiped using a cloth or brush after few minutes.

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