Diesel Additive

Jak accomplishes 3 things at the same time to create fuel savings:

* Improves the fuel burn-creates more power at the top of the piston stroke and with less emissions.

* Removes combustion deposits from inside the combustion chamber increasing engine efficiency.

* Increases lubrication in the combuston chamber and fuel system decreasing friction and wear.

You'll also get the bonus of more power,less emissions, less maintenance longer engine life in both petrol and diesel engines. In addition to increasing(^^ Jak brings new life to older engine.

Mead from coumpounds containing only carbon., hydrogen and oxygen and is safe for aal engines.


Because of its many iportant maintenance and inviromental benefits. Profitable because it saves 5 times its cost in fuel saving alone.Jak improves the cetane of diesel fuels by 2 numbers without using alkyl nitrates that degrate the fuel over time. Jak promotes fuel stability and stops algae growth while arresting corrosion insidethe fuel tank.

Jak continues on to create major benefits in every area from the fuel system through the combustion chamber. Jak has a unique attraction to metal which forms a thin film which helps penetrate combustion deposits, removing them with each firing of the engine.By removing the combustion deposits and lubricating the fuel system. Jak also adds power, reduce pollution,reduce maintenance and extends engine life.

Diesel index=Anline point F.xA.P,sp.gr/100

The index is not reliable as the cetane number but is a useful guide in the absence of engine tests.Numerically it is about 3 units higher than the cetane number and can be converted to the latter by the formula devised by the intitute of petroleum.

Cetane (calc)=2/3 Diesel index+0.068 mid-B.Pt.F-22.

The specific gravity of petrolileum oils is also actually a fair indication of rating of a diesel fuel buy only in the middle of the range.

These values can be collareted by the I.P.formula

Cetane number (calc)=175.4 log mid-b.pt F+1.98 A.P.I,sp.-496

And are reported to bre reliable to within+5 unit.

Cetane nmber is a measure of the ignition quality of a diesel fuel.It is often mistaken as a measure of fuel quality.Cetane number is actually a measure of a fuel's ignition delay.This is the time period between the start of injection and start of combustion(ignition)ofthe fuel.In a particular diesel engine,higher Cetane fuels will have shorter ignition delay periodss than lower cetane fuels.

There is no benefit to using a higher cetane number fuel than is specified by the engine's manufacture The ASTN Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils (D-975) states "The cetane number requirements depend on the engine design, size.nature of speed and load variations,and on starting and atmospheric condition. Increase in cetane number over values actually require does not materially improve engine performance. Accordingly the cetane number specified should be as low as possible to insure maximum fuel availability."This quote underscoresthe importance of matching engi cetane requirements with fuel cetane numbers.

Diesel fuels with cetane number lower than minimum engine requirements can cause rough engine operation they are more difficult to start,especially weather or a at high altitudes. They accelerate lube oil sludge formation. many low cetane fuels increase engine deposits resulting in more smoke,increased exhaust immissions and greater engine wear.

Engine operating requirements wiil improve cold starting, reduce smoke during stsrt-up, improve fuel economy,reduce exhaust emissions, improve engine durability and reduce noise and vibration.These engine fuel requirements are published in the operating manual for each specific engine or vehicle.

Fuel quality or performance depend on the ratio of parafinic and aromatic hydrocarbons, the presence of sulfur,water,bacteria and other contaminants,and the fuel's resistance to oxidation. The most important measure of fuel quality.

Petroleum hydrocarbons.The cracked hydrocarbons are low cetane coumpounds, largely due to their aromatic content.To meet the cetane number demands of most diesel engines,cetane improves must be added to these blends. the lover cetane cracked coumpounds are less responsiveto these cetane improves than the higher cetane paraffinic fuels.

Cetane improves:They encourage early and uniform ignition of the fuel.They discourage premature combustion and excessive rate of pressure increase in the combustion cycle.Depending on the amount of high versus low cetane components in the base fuel,typically alkyl nitrate additive treatments can increase cetane by about 3 to 5 numbers (1:1000 treatment ratio).with high natural cetane premium base fuel (containing a high percentage of parafins) and a 1:500 tretment ratio, cetane may increase up to a maximumof about 7 numbers.

Jak is blended to improve oxidiation stability while providing a cetane number increase of 2 to 3 numbers.Jak improves combuston while reducing oxidation and particulate formation, increasing storage stabiliand enhancing fuel quality

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